To all my lovely clients!!

So at Old London Road Tattoos, i am very lucky to some of the sweetest most awesome customers ever!  So i thought id write a blog, dedicated to my awesome clients!!


So this lady came in last week and had a Aqua Micro Dermal Implant in her chest! Isn’t she stunning!



We also have this lovely lady who came in to get her Vertical Labret done yesterday 🙂 its one of my fav piercings and its really suits her.



And then the last of the lovely ladies we have the fantastic Anna!! Any regulars to the shop will know this lovely lady!! Shes tattoo mad, and has been featured in many tattoo mags as well as Bizarre! We all love Anna here!

I have pierced many a thing on Anna, Septum, Medusa as well as stretching her ears. She has also been tattooed by nearly everyone in the studio!




So hats of to all of you beauitful pierced and tattooed ladies!!





The Left Hand Path

Photography by Alternography Emporium

MUA by GoreGirl_MUA

VoSkorbia -=Photography & Photomanipulation=-


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