The old fashion ear stretch!!

Stretching your ears an informative guide!

Now im always going to biased, i think that unless you are a professional you shouldn’t attempt any form of body modification on yourself! However than being said, ear stretching is at its all time high in popularity! So i thought i would list a do’s and don’ts guide, to give you more information.   Also if you ever wanna talk, ask for advice or just have something done remember im around six days a week!


Right this is things your ears should not be doing and if they are….your doing it wrong!!:

  • ·         -Oozing various coloured fluids
  • ·         Swelling
  • ·         Pus (yes there is a different between lymph fluid and pus)
  • ·         Bleeding
  • ·         Tearing
  • ·         Going red or purple!
  • ·         Thinning out!
  • ·         Blowing out, ie looking like a cats bum or worst a fanny! 😛


This is a big list of don’ts too.  So DON’T

  • ·         Stretch to fast!!
  • ·         Wear tapers a jewelry
  • ·         Skip sizes (They graduate evenly for a reason!)
  • ·         Wear acrylic for more than 8 hours at time
  • ·         Stretch days after getting your ear pierced.




Now here is a list of dos:

  • ·         Love your ears and show them respect
  • ·         Regularly massage them with, bio oil, vitamin e or coco butter
  • ·         Clean them regularly (no one likes cheesey ears 😛 )
  • ·         Take it easy remember slow and steady wins the race!
  • ·         If your ear doesn’t want to go bigger leave it two weeks massage daily and try again!


And remember kids it will always be better to at least talk with a professional about stretching your ear.  Professionally stretched ears will always  look better and have less problems!





Photography – Mark Perry


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