Tattoo FAQ’s

Does it hurt?

All tattoos will hurt slightly and that is the honest truth. Some areas are more sensitive than others though. However, our tattooists will do their best to minimize this and help keep you as comfortable as possible during your appointment.  If you do need a break please do ask you artist.


How large or small does a piece have to be?

This question is normally best answered by your tattoo artist once they know what it is you would like done. It does depend on what you would like tattooed, and where you would like it put. Our tattooists are more than happy to undertake the smallest of tattoos as long as we feel that they will stand the test of time. This means that when it comes to tattooing smaller pieces such as script it has to be of a reasonable size, as over time all line work in tattoos does blur slightly. This can mean that the small gaps in for example the letter ‘e’ and ‘o’can close completely if the gap is not big enough and can ruin your tattoo and make the wording illegible.

When in doubt please do pop in and have a chat with reception or book yourself a free consultation with one of our artists.

How long is the wait?

The wait will depend on the size of the piece, and how long our artists will need to prepare for it. For smaller pieces we are generally able to get you in very quickly. The best thing to do is to give the studio a call on 0208 549 4705, our receptionist can check the on-site diary and advise you on current availability

How much does it cost?

Our studio has a minimum charge of £40 and for smaller pieces. Larger pieces will be quoted according to size and your artist will be able to give you a quote at your consultation.

Can I email?

Of course you can, our email address is once we have all the information we need for your enquiry we can get in touch and advise you on how best to proceed.

Can you draw me a design?

Our artists are custom artists and are super happy to help to design you a custom one off piece.

How do I look after my new tattoo?

After your tattoo we will go through all your aftercare so that you know just how to care for your tattoo. If you do have any questions though, please do get in touch with us on 0208 549 4705.

I would like a particular artist?

Please do send us an email letting us know which artist you would like, images of what you would like done and a contact number for yourself. We will then get in touch to advise you on how best to proceed with your ideas.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment and how do I prepare for my tattoo?

Firstly, make sure you have eaten well, slept well, freshly showered and feel great before you arrive in the studio. Please also avoid any alcohol, or blood thinning medications before your appointment. It is always a good idea to arrive a few minutes early to your appointment so that you can get your forms filled in and grab a drink if you need to.  Always bring in valid photo ID with you in the form of a Passport or Driving License just in case you are asked. (If you fail to show ID when asked you may risk losing your deposit and appointment time).

If you would like to bring a drink with you to your appointment, please do make sure that it has a lid on to keep it sealed. Your artist will let you know where you can place it.


How do deposits work?

To secure any booking here at the studio you would need to leave a deposit of £20 per hour that you book. The deposit is non-refundable; however, it does come off of the final cost of your finished tattoo. If you do have any questions about this, please do ask us.