So….OLRT’s…been over a year now!

So i just realized

I have been at the OLRT’s Studio for over a year :).  So im having a little celebration hehe.   So que lots of posts about that show the last year in the studio from my point of view!

When i first joined i was a bit nervous, ok a bit doesn’t cover it. But very quickly i made good friends with Katan! Which was awesome as i felt a lot less nervous having someone so lovely to talk to!


Then i soon discovered that going drinking with the boys was a bad idea….they can DRINK!

Not long after i joined, Katan started making drawings for my left sleeve.  So ‘A’ Ferret portrait turned into the top half of my left arm.  Which still needs to be finished. hehehe

I then started to chat to Edgar Ivanov about getting a portrait of my all time favorite model.  So i now have Razor Candi tattooed to my thigh.  Which was closely followed by my David Bowie, tattoo 🙂 and bird skull!  Only a couple more portraits to go, and my right thigh will be finished.


Now i still have to corner Jan and talk him into tattooing me. I so often see these exquisite drawings and paintings that he does. He really is an amazingly talented man!


Now i know i so often go on about the studio i work in. But this is because im proud of where i work! The tattooists and receptionists are friends.  Yes the work is hard, and sometimes the hours are long. But i wouldn’t change that for anything.

Im very lucky to work along side such talented artists. In such an awesome location, and such a wicked studio! I know im one of the few that can say this. But my job ROCKS!

So if you haven’t done so already. Check out my studio. I can guarantee  you won’t be disappointed!







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