Custom Anodising

Custom Anodising


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Our Anodising is a add on service. You must select and purchase the jewellery you would like to have anodised by us, in our online store. Please select the colour your would like your jewellery anodised to in the above drop down menu. Old London Road Tattoos offers custom anodising on all titanium jewellery in house. About:  Anodising changes the spectrum of light, resulting in the perception of a different colours. By precisely controlling the process, an entire range of colours can be produced. Anodising titanium is not coating or using dyes on the jewellery. Which means it is safe for the long term wear in piercings, and completed bio-compatibility. Please note: Colour might vary slightly from images shown.  When wearing jewellery in oral or genital piercings the natural bodily fluids might removal the coating gradually over time.  Once anodised, the colour is not easily changed, so make sure you are certain on your chosen colour. If purchasing multiple pieces of jewellery with different anodised colours, please note specifically which piece is to be which colour in the NOTE section other wise there could be a delay in your order.

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Blurple, Dark Blue, Dark Bronze, Dark Pink, Green, Light Pink, Light Teal, Purple, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold