Portfolio pieces

Please note these are for Emma’s/Efflectums portfolio!

So as im sure many of you are aware, im currently completely updating my online portfolio!  I have nearly everything i need.  However there are a few odd bits that i want to add that i don’t have any images of.   Therefore im asking for your help! 🙂

Below are some diagrams with the piercing projects i want to do.  If you are interesting in getting any of them done please pop into the studio or call us up on 0208 5494705 to have a chat about it!


So here we go, first of all we have the Dahlias piercing.



Then we have Double Medusas.



These are know has ‘Lowbrets’



Here we have High Madonnas for lack of a better name! (can be with or with out the medusa! i just thought it looked pretty!)



Low Madonnas!




So there you are! So if you fancy helping out your piercer with her portfolio get in contact asap. I will be offering a discounted rate for each one as they are portfolio pieces. But remember first come first served!


Cheers everyone!




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