Old London Road Tattoos 2013!

Old London Road Tattoos 2013

This year has been a fantastic year, we have had some much happen that its hard to put into context!

First we moved into our new and really rather beautiful studio.  The bigger size has allowed us to grow as a family and have new artists join us.  So our line up has gotten much much bigger to the point that trying to get a full staff photo. Well that has so far proved impossible! But as a rough run down. Tattooists: Edgar Ivanov, Emil, Cree, Vlad, Sam, Marie and our long term guest artist/residential guy Dan Banas. Body Piercers: Emma and Vesper. Front of house we have the lovely Caz and Dan. We even have Grethe who spends her time her helping out!

So along with the team growing and the family getting bigger. We opened the studio up to many guest artist to join us this year. We have had Euan Thompson, who is just fantastic to have around and came back again to join us for a second guest spot.  We also had the likes of Adi, Mikki, Julien, Fabio as well as Rafa! These people traveled all the way around the world to come and visit us and tattoo in our new studio.

Also, we spent time raising money for charity which was fantastic fun!

We also celebrated our 6th Birthday! As usual in style with lots of booze, live bands, fire acts, dancing and general awesome fun!

I could go on and on about what a fantastic year we have had in the studio but i fear that this would turn into a 10 page essay. So i will leave it here with a couple of photos.

And lastly. Thank you! A truly heart felt thank you to everyone who has come through our doors and made this year so truly fantastic. To the staff at Old London Road Tattoos who come in with a smile (sometimes a very mischievous smile) on their faces who brighten up the studio and make this such a fantastic environment to work in!

Happy New Year to everyone! Here is for 2014!

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