We are now officially in the autumnal months, and Christmas is fast approaching. Many of us, are just simply not ready for that just yet!
But it is just around the corner and it seems about time for us to a catch up blog of the last month and a bit.

14568007_1327528290592032_3647796130287942706_nSeptember went faster than a blink of the eye, with so much booked in we had a real blast. All of our artists really pushed the peddle to the metal and created some stunning work.

So far we have raise a staggering amount from our Pokemon for Pets charity tattoos. Marie has put an incredible amount of her time, and work into this and has truly done a fantastic job.

Our lovely Mauro has left on his travels, but we had so much fun having him here with us. He will be back in February and his books will shortly open for bookings then. So if you would like to get tattooed by Mauro on his next visit to us, please do get in touch with us.