Its me again


So i’ve been putting thoughts into re-updating my portfolio!  Its always changing!!

Anyways, so there are many intresting projects im in the process of doing but also i want to start some.


These include:

Double Vertical Labrets

More High Nostrils


Mulit Dermal Anchor Implant projects

Large sized piercings. i.e. 2.4/3.2 septums, as well as navels

As well as a whole host of other things

Dermal punch and tapers

double medusas

As well as various other pieces.



So if your interested in having weird and wonderful things done to you get in contact with me!!



Please also note that if there are any models out there or people who want corset piercings done for speical occasion, i am also avaliable to take these projects on!!






Photo by Carolyne Jackson

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