Hey everyone

Since this is my first attempt at blogging on here, i thought id say Hi to everyone! Hope your all doing ok, and that your having a fantastic start to the year.

Just to let you all know i have a few projects in mind that i would like to start working on. That requires the help of all you lovely people!  Mainly i want to build up my portfolio again and show you guys what i can really do!  So i will be looking for people interested in dermal punching projects, this will include: Dermal punching, outer and inner conchs, tragus’ (If your suitable) and various other parts of you, and using a tapering technique and putting in a tunnel.  So if you intreseted in this please contact the studio or pop in for a chat.

The other thing im also intrested in doing, is a small scarification project this will also include the use of Dermal Punches to create circular flowing designs.

All these projects will take place on a Thursday night where i will have the time to devote exclusivly to these projects.


So thank you for now, and sorry for listening to me blather on a bit.





Photo by Carolyne Jackson


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