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Old London Road Tattoos….Guest Artists

We are super excited to announce we have opened our doors to guest artists from all around the world. The studio will be playing host to some incredible artists so if you would like to get tattooed, get in touch. Spaces will be limited so don’t delay. We will be announcing more artists as the weeks go by, so make sure you are following us on all the social media sites to keep up to date with the latest announcements.
0208 549 4705
37 Old London Road,
Kingston Upon Thames,


If you would like more details of these artists dates, work or any other information then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


First to visit we have the lovely Simone! He will be stopping by on the 25th October, and will announce more dates with us shortly. Working in a fantastic realism style, he covers both black and grey as well as colour. Originally from Italy he is simply lovely to work with and has an driven passion for his craft.

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We have already spoken and posted about the lovely Ranza, another super talented gentleman from Italy. He will be joining us in January,

 This fantastic artist works in a Neo-Traditional style, and is sure to book out super fast. He will be with us on the following dates 16th, 17th and 18th January. Already booking fast, please don’t delay in getting in touch if you would like to be tattooed by him!

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Mauro is a regular guest artist of us, and it gives us great pleasure to announce his return in February. Still to announce his exact dates, we are looking forward to having this fantastic artist back with us. As always it is an honour to host this talented tattooist.

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Joining us in the later part of April, we have the fantastic Vladimir! Just looking at his work can tell you what a truly passionate artist he is, and it will come as no surprise that just like our other artists he has buckets of talent. Equally at home working in both colour and black and grey realism, he also enjoys creating unique abstract designs also.

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