Euan Thomson

So the last week in the studio has been fantastic, lots of awesome things going, awesome things still to announce.

For the last week we have had the awesome Euan guest spotting in the studio. With his awesome dot work and hand poking style it was incredible to have him working along side us.  Here are a few pieces he did during his stay! You will be miss Euan.

971447_621243517887183_1744202354_n 945292_621243537887181_667892346_n 942776_621243544553847_2097610649_n 934853_621243484553853_2118043860_n 419021_621243494553852_1265310602_n 292627_621243467887188_123091221_n

Euan will be coming back to visit us again soon! So keep your eye peeled.



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