Dermal Punching

Righty i have been trying to find a nice example of Dermal Punching for a while now. Then a realized duh….you have a dermal punched conch.  So here is a picture of my conch currently at 4mm?




I’ve had a few people ask about dermal punching projects, so i though a would blog about it for you all.


Im currently interested in doing several dermal punch projects for my portfolio.


– 2.4mm in Tragus

– 3/4/5mm  in conch

– 3/4/5/6mm in outer conch


I wont bore you with the precise details as to how these are done, but the short version is. I punch a hole in your ear, then taper it and place a tunnel in.

These heal very very quickly, surprisingly fast actually. Then once it is healed if you want to go up larger you can.

The down side to these are, they are very much a permanent body mod.  IE if you take it out you are more or less always going to have a hole in there.


If you are interested in having sometime like this done, then email/phone or pop into the studio and have a chat with me 🙂


Also please note for some of these punches (tragus in particular) You need to atomically suited!


Look forwards to seeing you all soon!!







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