busy week

This week, like most weeks has been fantastical busy for all the artists in here.  So i thought i would share with you all a few images of pieces done in the studio.  We are really lucky in here, to have such a diverse range of artist in here that produce a wide range of styles.  Also they are all artists in their own rights as well as tattoists. So there skill flows over into several mediums.

Recently Edgar Ivanov has been showing off his skills with digital art work. These are the first two pieces he has created!  I think its safe to say, that one of Edgars favorite things to tattoo/draw are skulls!


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These pieces are from Vlad Octavian, new to the studio Vlad is already displaying his strong  and distinctive style.  His relaxed but attentive mannerhas made him a pleasure to work with. The clients are loving his unique style.

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Katan has as usual been producing outstand pieces of art work.  Both in her intricately draw designs for clients as well as tattooing them onto the skin!


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