We are officially in August and this month is already off to a flying start. We have a great few weeks lined up in the studio and lots of incredible things still yet to announce. Thinking on it we thought we should a make a short blog post sharing with you a few pieces coming out of and around the studio. 13895568_10210073434941550_5259841839503477745_n

Right: Edgar has been at the drawing board, or should we say tablet. He took on the challenge of digitally drawing one of his first ever tattoo machine from over 10 years ago, the Micky Sharpz Hybrid.




13900264_867070710065849_3236633465664430678_nLeft: Marie has always, and will always be a prolific gamer, geek squad girl, collecting and playing for over a decade. One of her most nostalgic games and series is Pokemon! So when her awesome client asked to have Gardevoir tattooed she was thrilled.

She has recently come up with her ”Pokemon For Pets” charity fundraiser. Which is due to kick off officially next Monday. Since the launch of this we have been inundated with requests which as been fantastic. Marie is stoked and is looking forward to raising as much money as she can for Celia Hammond Animal Trust and K9 Partners – Sanctuary Dogs.





Right: Vlad has been elbow deep in some fantastic tattoos recently and yesterday tattooed this little ripper. We do love a Nautilus here at the studio and can’t wait to show you the healed photo of this piece.


With the Old London Road Tattoos sponsored ‘The Chopper Street Social’ only around the corner, and Mauro’s returning guest spot coming up in September. There is a whole tonne of incredible things going on here at the studio. So keep your peepers peeled.